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M2 Client Support 24/7! We're in the service business - we believe all the fancy products in the world are useless without amazing service to back them up. We want the opportunity to prove it to you. You can ask us something via e-mail, but we'd really love to talk to you! So call our office if you want to reach to a live, local person.

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FREE Fire Alarm Guide

Fail Your Fire Alarm Inspection? Are you one of the thousands of landlords, property managers, general or electrical contractors that stress about tenant improvements or fire alarm system installations and upgrades? Have you ever been behind on a project because of a failed inspection? Learn the 6 Ways To Make Sure It Doesn't Happen Again.

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FREE Security Guide

What are the 7 Questions OTHER Contractors Hope You'll Never Ask? When you have a camera, card access or other security project, our complimentary Security Guide shows you how to interview your next contractor, and whether it's us or another company learn Why You Should NEVER Do Business With Someone Who Can't Answer These 7 Questions!

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About M2 Automation

M2 Automation is a fire and alarm company located in Boise, Idaho and has been serving Idaho since 1996. As a family owned and operated business, our close-knit team provides clients with superior service to their existing systems, quality new installation, and competitive fire alarm system monitoring and security system monitoring. Our focus is on specialty electrical products, including cameras (CCTV) and IP cameras, card access (access control) and biometrics, fire alarm systems and fire alarm systems testing, as well as security systems. For almost 20 years we've been caring for clients large and small, from jails, banks, school districts, hotels and high-end retail to private homes.


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How's that?!? Because we've done 100's of hours of research and combined it with our decades of experience to bring you complimentary online resources. Whether you work with us or another company, your friends and colleagues in Idaho, Iowa or even Indonesia can make use of our Fire Alarm or Security Buyers' Guides, our educational videos or our FREE 1-Pg Special Reports to learn the industry secrets that save money, prevent headaches and show you how to pick the right fire or security company for you.

If you're in the Western Region of the United States, then call us today to schedule a service call or to arrange for FREE Site Planning on your next project. Our office can be reached at (208) 853-3411 or you can e-mail us at