Security Systems

Home & business systems WOW with apps, mobile technology & more

Security systems are now designed to improve home and business lifestyles, and to provide key features for businesses that help increase operational efficiency. Not everybody is concerned with burglary, home invasion or armed robbers. Statistically speaking, these events will only occur for a small number of Americans. If you are a part of the small percent of the country who becomes a victim of these types of crime, your chances of getting through a bad situation rise with a monitored security system.

For the majority of us, lifestyle features and business efficiency are the REAL reason we want a monitored security system. Free app downloads, access via smart device (phone, tablet, etc.), and built-ins like digital photo frames are just some examples of how technology has improved the scope of features available and made them more accessible than ever.

Touchscreen security, building automation & energy management

Remote access via smart phone or web

Live video feed w/integrated cameras

Record employee schedules & work history

Increase operational efficiency

Search open/close & user reports

Brilliant, high-resolution display

24/7 UL listed monitoring, no phone lines required

Home and/or business insurance discounts, contact us today for an authorized letter

9 Ways Our Clients REALLY Use Their Security System!

1. NEIGHBORHOOD BAR - after hours freebies

A local bar owner suspected employees were returning after hours for freebies, and inviting their friends to this private party. The owner was able to check user codes and times and figure out who was in the bar after hours without permission.

2. DOCTORS' OFFICE - monitored schedules/employees

A local eye doctor assigned unique user codes to all his employees. He monitors who opens up the office on time, which one closes late, and he is able to immediately delete user codes when someone quits or is fired. No worrying about disgruntled employees sneaking back into the office after the fact.

3. JEWELRY STORE - high value inventory

An Idaho jewelry store protects their high value inventory with a combination of security measures, and one of them is their security system. They use it to manage both employees and vendors.

4. LOCAL PRINT & SHIP STORE - catching burglars

A local print and ship store has retail space that has, unfortunately, been the target of burglars. While they took the time to attempt to break into the safe, the monitored security system dispatched police. The burglars were scared off but tried again within the next few days, hoping it would be thought of as a false alarm. They were caught in the act and apprehended.

5. SCHOOL DISTRICT - integrated for 360 management

A local school district uses an integrated approach to manage all their buildings, from offices to school rooms to public spaces like gyms, cafeterias and hallways. With security AND fire alarm monitoring, as well as cameras, teachers and administrators have a better handle on a variety of issues the district must manage, including school safety, theft, and student behavior.

6. LOCAL GOV'T - panic buttons

The news is full of people, mentally ill or otherwise, bringing violence to arenas like schools, shopping areas, movie theaters, and local government meetings. The installation of panic buttons in these spaces allows employees, staff and the public a sense of security while also providing law enforcement with faster response times.

7. SINGLE PARENT - sneaky teenager

Not every teenager is sneaky, and not every sneaky teenager belongs to a single parent, but we had one single parent who needed help and her security system provided it. To deter a teenager who habitually snuck out, one parent used the 'chime' feature when the system wasn't armed to give a gentle alert when a door or window opened. Then, early each evening the parent armed her system... and didn't give the teenager the code. Any attempt to open a door or window set off the alarm (and soon the teenager became very acquainted with the benefits of family movie night).

8. HUSBAND & WIFE - secure second home

Idaho is a beautiful state, and some lucky families are able to work in Boise and have a second home in the mountains for weekend trips and holidays. In order to protect their valuables and make sure their property is secure, one local couple keeps tabs with their monitored security system.

9. RETIRED SNOWBIRDERS - out-of-town peace-of-mind

Many people enjoy the mild spring, summer and fall weather of Idaho but snowbird in warmer climates during the winter. They add environmental devices, like freeze, flood and smoke detectors to their systems to make sure their homes are in good condition to come back to after being away for months at a time!

If you haven't already, be sure to get you copy of the FREE Security Guide to find out how to choose the right contractor for your Security project. Or check out our industry specific 1-Page Special Reports to learn more!

Preventive Maintenance saves you $$$

Maintenance is more cost-effective than paying for a weekend emergency or an entire system failure. As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." M2 Automation has an established Preventive Maintenance Program that can help home and business owners save money over the life of their specialty electrical Security system. Click here to learn more about our program and how you can earn 1 Year of Preventive Maintenance for FREE.