Cameras & CCTV

Cameras help your business run better!

Ever wondered what happens when you're not watching? Now you can know. With the latest in camera positioning and proper planning, you can remotely view your cameras from anywhere you have high-speed internet access- down the hall in your office or on the other side of the country. Cameras help protect your business from a variety of theft and liability situations and with the right equipment you can do everything with remote management.

View entry/exits of facilities

Monitor activity within restricted areas or locations w/sensitive materials

Record employee schedules & work history

Increase operational efficiency

Improve liability protection with system history & search functions

Protect your business from a variety of theft & liability

Talk to your insurance agent to discuss how the addition of a security and/or camera system will affect your liability coverage. Discounts vary between carriers, policies and industries. Thankfully, a new or upgraded camera system offers multiple kinds of protection to your home, business or organization.


Protect yourself from theft by outside personnel. Whether they are guests, vendors or unwanted criminals your camera system will help keep an eye on your valuable inventory, equipment, livestock and other assets, as well as cash registers, safes and restricted areas.


Protect your customers from each other while they're at your site. Deter or catch in the act disreputable people who may take items or money that don't belong to them. Your customers will thank you when their property is returned safely and the perpetrator caught on tape for law enforcement.


Protect your bottom line from dishonest employees. No matter how thorough the screening process organizations occasionally have people slip through the cracks or a good team member turns into a disgruntled employee.


Protect your organization with video proof of false accidents or real incidents where proper safety procedures were not followed by employees. This can be an important deciding factor when dealing with insurance claims and/or law enforcement.

If you haven't already, be sure to get you copy of the FREE Security Guide to find out how to choose the right contractor for your Cameras/CCTV project. Or check out our industry specific 1-Page Special Reports to learn more!

Preventive Maintenance saves you $$$

Maintenance is more cost-effective than paying for a weekend emergency or an entire system failure. As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." M2 Automation has an established Preventive Maintenance Program that can help home and business owners save money over the life of their specialty electrical Cameras/CCTV system. Click here to learn more about our program and how you can earn 1 Year of Preventive Maintenance for FREE.